Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life On Hold

It seems as though my life is at yet another stalling point. My husband and I have this goal of getting him through his last year of school. Once school is completed, we will be able to save money for fertility treatments and hopefully a new job for him will mean that when we do have children, I might have the opportunity to stay at home! It's a lot to swallow in one goal!

Anyhow, I recently was involved with a layoff, so this is the new holding pattern. The good that is comming out of this, is that it gives me a chance to do some nitty gritty career exploration, but I cannot help but be frustrated with my new unknown time table.

I visited one of my family memebers today who recently had a baby boy. The visit was not as difficult as I was expecting. I think in part because she lives so far away, it was perfectly aceptable to sit down and catch up with her instead of ooohhing and aaaahhhing the baby. But he sure was a handsome little guy!

I have been getting better about not being jealous of other people's baby situations. I am also a believer in things happen for a reason. My husband also reminds me that the grass is always greener! So I am definately trying to embrace what I am being given now. I have an amazing husband who I get to spend time with when he is not working, and I can go out whenever I want and have drinks with the girls. I don't have the responsibility that I want, and I am trying to make that a positive part of my life and embrace it while it lasts.

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I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm sorry about the layoff. That's so frustrating. It is that whole wait, wait, wait part that I sometimes think I'll go insane.